After updating dashboards stopped working


Hi Denize!
We upgraded our test server to version 8.8.1 and updated your worklogpro plugin to version 4.4.0 and our Dashboards stopped working - nothing is displayed
I tried to roll back the plugin to earlier versions and was able to install only in 4.3.2
How to reproduce:
On the system desktop, the gadget is timeshift to the current user and the gadget to the timer
Other desktops also have gadgets from your plugin.
What stops working:
1 All menu links are empty, including system
2 In the plugin settings, the work program is empty at all points except weekends.

How I found out that this is your plugin and how I fixed it:
1. put the server in safe mode
2. started to include plugins one at a time, it broke on the inclusion of your plugin

How to fix it
1. Removed version
2. Restarted the server
3. Installed a different version

Uninstalling and installing without restarting does not correct the error. Reindex also does not help without restart.
Jira Software version 8.8.1, Google Chrome browser
On Jira 7.11.0 after updating to version 4.4.0, such an error does not occur
There are no errors in the server logs, there are unidentified errors in the browser logs




Deniz Oğuz
June 10, 2020, 7:31 AM

Unfortunately I can't reproduce this and I need your help for more information. One issue after upgrading the Jira and all add-ons is they may conflict with each other. We have experienced a similar issue recently. Latest versions of "Extensions for Jira Service Desk" and WorkLogPRO was conflicting with each other. If you install only one of the apps both will work, but if you install both at the same time, one of them fails (depending on the order jira loads them). If you install previous versions of the apps at the same time, they work again.
Could you install a temporary server and first install WorklogPRO and other add-ons one by one until you reproduce the error. When you reproduce the problem we may found conflicting add-on. If you tell me name of the other add-on I can try to reproduce issue.

Deniz Oğuz
June 17, 2020, 7:13 AM

Did you see my previous comment? Is there any extra information you can share with me?




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